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Award for firm that rescued town's industrial heritage

Potter & Holmes Architects’ transformation of a dilapidated electricity sub-station that once helped power the London tram network has won a local townscape award.
The project involved the renovation and conversion into offices of Kingston-upon-Thames’s Edwardian sub-station which was one of the first to electrify the previously horse-drawn trams operating in London.
It took two years, four planning applications and consultations with English Heritage and the Museum of London before work could begin.
Then rotting timbers were replaced with new concrete floors, windows were upgraded to a higher standard of insulation and internal walls, new stairs and a roof terrace were added.
Now, the project has been awarded a Tony Leitch Prize for Townscape by the Kingston Society.
Other winners were Kris Garner of UV Architects for a “modest” block of flats “of superior character” at No 1 Cross Road, Kingston; Paul Edey of IID Architects for St Andrews church hall, Surbiton; and his colleague Simon Tupper for a small design project at Tiffin Boys’ School.

Read more: http://www.bdonline.co.uk/news/uk/award-for-firm-that-rescued-towns-industrial-heritage/5010427.article#ixzz1AHU030Pb
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