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Cooperation projects to create transnational tourism products based on cultural and industrial heritage

The final goal of the present call for proposals is to complement regional and national policies by supporting transnational cooperation and joint initiatives aiming at designing innovative transnational products in the fields of cultural and/or industrial tourism, with a view to:
1) Contributing to differentiate the European tourism offer by capitalising on and giving value to the shared cultural heritage;
2) contributing to economic regeneration and job creation in declining (post) industrial regions through interregional and transnational cooperation projects in the field of tourism.

Specific objectives:

  • develop attractive and sustainable European cultural and/or industrial tourism products;
  • support transnational cultural or industrial themes and products which help to foster a greater sense of European identity;
  • better exploit cultural and industrial heritage from a touristic point of view;
  • promote tourism in regions in crisis or in  conversion, in order to boost employment and growth in these regions;
  • facilitate exchanges of good practices and permanent discussion forums  among  public decisionmakers, in the fields of cultural and industrial tourism;
  • facilitate and stimulate public-private partnerships and the integration of enterprises of the cultural tourism sector into regional development strategies;
  • improve the quality of the European tourism offer by a strengthened cross-border cooperation;
  • strengthen the management skills of  public or private  bodies in charge of developing thematic tourism products.
The estimated maximum budget allocated from the Preparatory Action "Transnational Tourism Products" 
financing decision C(2012)208 of 25/01/2012 for this call for proposals is: 700.000 €

All the information can be found here

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